Ten Amazing uses for Cornstarch outside of the Kitchen

Everyone knows about the myriad uses of cornstarch in cooking and baking- we’ve all used it at some point or another to alter the texture of our baked goods or to thicken up our sauces. But did you know that cornstarch has a wide range of uses outside of the kitchen? Here are some ideas

What is an Immersion Blender

An immersion blender is a small kitchen appliance that is designed to blend, puree or mix ingredients in the bowl in which they are being prepared. Immersion blenders are also referred to as stick blenders, wand blenders or hand blenders. There are numerous positive benefits to including an immersion blender in your collection of small

Culinary Essentials in the Kitchen

When something is considered to be “essential” it sometimes isn’t thought of until absolutely needed. Many people find this with kitchen products. There are many culinary items that are essential to have in the kitchen, and if are on hand can often divert a culinary disaster. They can also making cooking and cleanup much easier.

Tips for Cooking in a Cast Iron Pan

Cooking in a cast iron skillet can be a no fuss experience in cooking with an extremely versatile and sturdy piece of cookware.  Not only can they be brought back from the brink of near destruction, but they can be polished up into a cooking pan that can be passed down to your children. You

Great new Kitchen Products Reusies

An average school lunch contains a lot of “trash” – a plastic sandwich bag, a water bottle, an empty bag of chips, a milk carton, a banana peel – and where does most of it end up? The garbage can, of course . . . but that shouldn’t be the case. The bottle, carton, and

How to Season Cast Iron

My son recently wrote me from Italy with the news that he had just purchased some cast iron cookware. He wanted my advice on how to care for it and also on what to cook in it. Here’s what I told him: Cast iron, eh? Good choice! Take care of it and it will last

A Guide to Yeast in Baking

You’ve decided to learn to bake with yeast, good for you! This opens up a door to unlimited baking pleasures as you imagine, tall fragrant loaves of bread, luscious cinnamon rolls, and even light as a feather dinner rolls. Baking with yeast is as easy as, shall we say pie? Yes, it’s as easy as

How cheese fits meal plans in the kitchen

American cooking has generally become matched with certain types of cheeses with a high rate of availability. That’s the economic reality. Although a vast number of cheeses commonly exist, such as the wonderfully subtle Asiago variety, new cheeses tend to be slow to catch on despite being well worth incorporating into kitchen meals. Quite a

Three Tools every Chef needs

Having worked in a restaurant since I was fourteen I know a thing or two about kitchen gadgets and which ones will get the job done. All of these I use on a regular basis and I have included in their description which company makes the best working one at the best price. Every cook

Making Bread Homemade Bread Bread Machine

The time honored tradition of making homemade bread is a practice that has been passed down through generations. The fragrance of baking bread can bring the family together in the kitchen like nothing else, and it can be a fun way of involving children in food preparation while teaching them a useful skill. Bread machines